Instrument Pilot Syllabus


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The Gleim Instrument Pilot Syllabus is a step-by-step lesson plan for your instrument rating training. This book presents a complete ground and flight training course of study designed to expedite completion of your instrument rating.

Ground and flight lessons direct you to specific references to read in the Gleim Instrument Pilot Knowledge TestAviation Weather and Weather Services, and/or Instrument Pilot Flight Maneuvers books. This cross-referencing allows you to review the material beforehand and be prepared for each lesson.

Table of Contents

Airplane Worksheet
Local Airport(s) Worksheet
Instrument Rating Syllabus Lesson Sequence and Times

Instrument Rating Ground Training Syllabus Airplane Single-Engine Land
Instrument Rating Flight Training Syllabus Airplane Single-Engine Land

Appendix A: Knowledge Tests and Figures
Stage One Knowledge Test
Stage Two Knowledge Test
Stage Three Knowledge Test
End-of-Course Knowledge Test
Figures for Knowledge Tests

Appendix B: Use of a Flight Simulation Training Device or an Aviation Training Device



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